The location of our residence is ideal for exploring the whole island, for both, adults and children.

Enjoy a relaxed walk at dawn or in the evening through the former vineyard valley or old Vagia village. On your way, you will find the little chapel of Agios Konstantinos and the Vagia gorge. Have a look at the old iron-mining facilities and the beach of Vagia or just walk down the hill on a private path to the isolated beach of the seagull island.

An unforgettable experience is picking summer grapes and wildfigs whilst strolling around in the neighborhood.

The residence is less than 10 min drive (5 km) from the port and all the grocery facilities.

A five minute drive's nearby restaurants are the Cocomat hotel restaurant (1 km away), at Ganema the beach tavern and also at Ganema the Pezoules tavern (both 2 km away).
More restaurants can be found at Livadi port or Chora.






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A small footpath leads you to Vagia beach which is only 800 meters away. You can either walk there in 15 minutes or drive (5 minutes). The Glaronissi private pristine beach is reachable by a steep but rewarding trekking route which will take you about 15 minutes. Experience untouched nature, the sound of cicadas and the sea.